Who We Are

Insight-driven, pragmatic HR solutions

Jane and Tracey bring more than fifty-two years of HR experience to 52.com. As the founding partners, their aim is to bring wisdom, insight, commercial relevance and pragmatic HR solutions to organisations on a fractional or organisational and people effectiveness (special projects) basis. They are passionate about enabling and re-framing HR to be a true commercial partner to a growing, ambitious, high-performance organisation. 

Their experience and approach allows them to understand and assimilate the culture of the organisations with whom they work, to deliver relevant and timely solutions on a bespoke basis. 52.com’s intent and focus is to become long-term partners and advisors to clients to build and grow effective, efficient and commercial people practices.

“We have both taken great pride in being first and foremost commercial partners in the organisations we have worked, remembering always that it is people that will most significantly affect processes, success and profit.”

Jane and Tracey have worked in professional services, investment banking and software development, with their experience spanning across South Africa, UK, UAE, Pakistan, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana and Mauritius. They have both held senior HR Executive roles at board and executive level, advising and coaching senior executives and leadership teams.

They have built HR and Operational teams of 40+, often restructuring and rebuilding relevant HR and support teams to enable ambitious, innovative businesses to get the best out of their people. Their experience spans large international corporates, as well as working in smaller regional offices and start-ups.

Their current client list includes entrepreneurial organisations in growth stage or scaling up, organisations looking to refine their people strategy for investment and organisations looking to maximise their current HR team.

Jane and Tracey also work together on the board of the South African Graduate Employers Association (SAGEA).

“We are deeply passionate about developing commercial HR professionals, who understand the significance of having the right people, doing the right jobs at the right time and providing them with a solid platform to perform at the highest levels, in order to achieve the strategic objectives of their organisation.”