Who Moved HR?

Reframing HR - Learning Programm

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As founding partners of 52.com, Tracey and Jane have always built teams who have the appetite, knowledge and skills to become commercial partners in the businesses where they operate and being a commercial HR business partner has never been more important than now 

2020/21 bought unprecedented changes in how we work, where we work and the tech that we use to stay connected. The Harvard Business Review predicts massive change escalating the importance of HR’s role within the organisation, with employees, managers and leaders looking to HR for guidance on navigating the new normal. This is HR’s moment and the opportunity to start your career as a truly commercial, forward-looking HR business partner is here.

WHO MOVED HR is designed and written to support those new and experienced HR professionals or those who have graduate recruitment and learning experience and are looking to expand their HR generalist skills to become a new commercial partner.

The programme will run over a 10-month period through a modular approach and will be a
combination of face-to-face sessions, online input sessions, and case studies that will cover all the angles of what forward-looking, commercial HR directors develop in their up-and-coming team members.

At the end of the ten month programme, you will have learned:

And you will have had the opportunity to build a broad, professional network and learning group to help you navigate your world of work. 

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